Values and visions are important, but alone they are not enough.

Transformation requires hands-on action.

We work on this in our projects and collaborations in the field of building.

The B in ABC.


With our projects we cover four areas: research, knowledge transfer, networking and cultural change.

Our first project is the LCA booklet. We have invested hundreds of hours researching, discussing, getting feedback and going through reviews to concisely summarize what we think is most important for sustainable construction. Especially those of us at ABC who were directly involved in the development of the LCA booklet are eager to hear your feedback. But to be honest, we all are.

Now we’re moving on to the next projects – stay tuned.

Support us.

You would like to support one of our projects? Feel free to contact us.

Or do you have an idea for a project or have already started to work on a project and are still looking for support? We invite you to introduce your idea or project to us.



Cob project

Future projects


The Attitude Building Collective is collaborating with other stakeholders, who are committed to transforming the construction industry. Among these are other non-profit organizations, associations and individuals. 

If you or your organization are involved in transforming the construction industry and are interested in working with the ABC, please get in touch.

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