ABC is a network. a platform. an association.   a collective. 

We want a built environment that is resilient and worth living in.

We are annoyed by the current attitude of many players in the construction industry. And that's something we want to change.
Our vision.

We drive change.

The construction industry needs to change. We are on board.
Our projects.

Only together we can achieve transformation.

The Attitude Building Collective is network, a platform, a non-profit association.
Our collective.




We want to mobilize all building professionals for the transformation of the construction industry. Together, we further advance construction practice and build momentum to create a holistically sustainable building sector.

How to ABC?

You can get involved on three levels.

#1 ABC is a network of building professionals.

Do you share our vision? Become part of our network and help us encourage more construction professionals to join the transformation. Follow us on social media or meet us at events.

#2 ABC is a platform.

Our platform is the ABC Discord Server. Here you can ask questions, find like-minded people and share your knowledge. If you are not on social media, you will also get the latest news on events etc. there.

#3 ABC is a non-profit association.

We realize our projects as an association. Every second Monday of the month we meet online at 20:00 for the so-called Orga-Meeting and twice a year for a long weekend #FincaTank. If you are interested in exchanging ideas, working on projects, doing research or organizing, join us! We are always happy to welcome new people.

Booklet on Life Cycle Assessment in Structural Design (German only)

How it all began...

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