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We invite everyone to get involved with the ABC. Find out more about the three levels at which you can get involved here

The ABC is looking forward to hear from and work with you...

... as well as in person.

We take part in a range of events, lecture series, seminars, conferences or other formats that focus on the transformation of the building sector. You can find a list of our upcoming talks or other events here.

Every six months, we meet for a weekend dedicated to project work, organisation, discussions, joint experiences and simply having a good time together! Why don’t you join us next time to work with us on the transformation of the building industry?

Support us!

You like what we do and you want to support us? Your donation will help us transform the construction industry towards a more sustainable, human and eco-friendly building practice.

How does your donation help us specifically? In our day-to-day work, for example, there are cost involved for the layout and printing of the LCA booklets or other publications, for software and licence fees as well as travel costs for presentations and meetings. These costs cannot be paid by volunteers alone.

Bank Details

Beneficiary: Attitude Building Collective e.V.

Bank name: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

IBAN: DE38  4306  0967  1321  3611  00


Note to payee: General donation

As a non-profit association, we can issue donation receipts for donations of at least 50€. For a secure postal delivery of the receipt, your complete address is required. Please add the address to the purpose of your transfer.

The issuing of donation receipts for bank transfers is done on a yearly basis. The reason for this is the involved expense. As a volunteer organisation, we do not use donations to manage our finances. However, the receipts are sent in time for tax returns.

We would like to thank all who are already actively supporting us. Should you have any questions, simply contact us at

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